Two Cableand Texture Patterns Sidecurl Pattern and Marrowbone Pattern


Simple cables are repeated across this fabric; the novel touch is given by small (juried blocks which appear to continue the curve of the cable oil" to one side. This is an easy-to work pattern that makes a firm, thick fabric.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 2.

Row 6—P2, * si next 2 sts to dpn and hold in front, k2, then k2 from dpn; p2; rep from *.

above: Sidecurl Pattern below: Marrowbone Pattern


A beautiful variation on the cabled honeycomb is made here by stitches cabled in one direction only, while the other diagonals are formed of garter stitch. This pattern makes fine, sturdy af-ghans and sweaters in a non-curling fabric.

Multiple of 12 sts plus 4.

Note: Front Cross (FC): si 3 sts to dpn and hold in front, k3, then k3 from dpn.

Rows I and 3 (Right side)—Knit. Row 2—* P6, k6; rep from *, end p4. Row 4—K2, * pfi, k6; rep from *, end p2. Row 5—K2. * k6, FC: rep from *. end k2. Row 6—K4, * pti, k6; rep from *. Rows 7 and 9—Knit. Row 8—* K6, p6; rep from *, end k4. Row 10—P2, * k6, p6; rep from \ end k2. Row II —K2, * FC. k6; rep from *, end k2. Row 12—P4, * k6, p6; rep from *.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

Mutton Chop Cable Pattern
Mutton-Chop Cables
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