Two Color Dip Stitch

Knitting Garter Stitch

Two-Color Dip Stitch

A dip stitch is made by the technique demonstrated here, of pulling a stitch through the fabric from several rows below. This pattern may be worked in solid color for an attractive texture; or, it may be shown on the wrong side. The rather unusual practice of showing "broken" color bands in the purl stitches gives this fabric a beaded effect.

Multiple of 8 sts plus 3. Colors A and B.

Cast on with Color A and purl one row.

Rows I and 3 (Wrong side)—With B, purl. Rows 2 and 4—With B, knit. Row 5—With A, knit.

Row 6—With A, kl, * insert right-hand needle from Iron! under purled loop of next st 6 rows below; knit an extra st in this st; then knit the next st on left-hand needle and pass the extra st over it (dip stitch made); k7; rep from *, end last repeat kl. Rows 7 through 10—With B, repeat Rows I through 4. Row 11—With A, knit.

Row 12—With A, k5, * make dip stitch as in Row 6, k7; rep from *, end last repeat k5.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

Two-Color Dip Stitch

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