Two Color Plaited Basketweave

On a purely physical basis, (his pattern is not an easy one to work. It is extremely dense (a large number of stitches makes a surprisingly small piece) and should be worked with large needles. The dropped stitch may shorten so much that it is difficult to retrieve, especially in Row 2. But this awkwardness cart be overcome by putting the stitch on a cable needle instead of simply dropping it. Some knitters will find one of these methods preferable, some the other. Notice that the third, or "extra" stitch in each pattern repeat is lost in the background as the fabric pulls together. This gives additional depth and thickness to the knitting, making a fabric so tough and durable that it would even serve as a rug.

Plaited Basket Stitch Knit

Two-Color Plaited liasketweave

Multiple of 3 sts. Colors A and B.

Cast on with Color A and knit one row.

Row I (Wrong side)—With B, p3, * si 1 wyif, p2; rep from *.

Row 2—With B, k2, * drop next (Color A) st off needle to front of work, k2, then with point of left-hand needle pick up dropped st and slip it onto right-hand needle without working; rep from *, end kl.

Row 3—With A, * p2, si 1 wyif; rep from *, end p3.

Row 4 With A, kl, * si 2 wyib, drop next (Color B) st off needle to front of work, si the same 2 sts back to left-hand needle, pick up dropped st onto right-hand needle without working, k2; rep from *, end k2.

Repeat Rows 1 -4.

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