Woven Polka Dot Pattern

Polka Dot Stitch Knit
Woven Polka Dot Pattern

This is an "easy" version of Swedish Weave; it is simplified because the yarns arc handled one at a time, instead of both together. The principle remains the same, however; Color B is never worked, only woven: in this case, twice for each "dot", so that there is a double strand showing instead of a single one. The single purl stitch at the beginning of Rows 4 and 8 anchors Color B at the left-hand edge. On the right-hand edge it is automatically caught as the strands arc twisted up the side. With this pattern it is especially important always to pick up a new strand from behind the old one when changing colors.

A three-color version of the pattern might be worked with a Color C introduced in Rows 7 and 8.

Odd number of sts. Colors A and B.

Row 1 (Right side)—With A, knit. Row 2—With A, kl, purl to last st. kl.

Row 3—With B, * si 1 wyib, si 1 wyif; rep from *, end si 1 wyib. (No sts are knitted in Color B; the strand is simply woven through the Color A sts.) Row 4—With B, pi, * si 1 wyib, si 1 wyif; rep from Rows 5 and 6—With A, repeal Rows 1 and 2. Row 7—With B, * si 1 wyif, si 1 wyib; rep from *, end si 1 wyif. Row 8—With B, carry yarn around side edge of work and pi, * si 1 wyif, si 1 wyib; rep from *.

Repeat Rows I -8.

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