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Photography Explained

Ken Duncan and Leo Meier are two key contributors to the designing and creation of this helpful guide book. Ken Duncan is an experienced and an expert photographer who started at a time when no one offered any such a guide to upcoming photographers. This eBook helps you on how to take pictures with a WOW factor. This helps you to get those wow shots, the author wants to make sure every person in the industry will understand your photography and would want to hire you. The authors guide you from the point of buying your digital camera to the point of taking quality photos that everyone wants to see. You will get some insights about the focus length, lenses, light and how to make light work for you and much more. This program is intended for photographers especially beginners who have not yet sharpened their skills. Though, it can work well for other photographers who want to advance their photo taking skills. The main program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means your Device should support PDF files to be able to read it. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Ken Duncan
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Get Paid For Pictures

If you are like most people in the world, you have a smartphone with a batter camera than most digital cameras had less than 5 years ago. Why just take normal pictures when you have a way that you can make money from those pictures that you have already taken? That's right, all that it takes is for you to upload your pictures to any site mentioned in this book, and we can have those on the market, ready for you to start making real cash from them! Your high-quality photos could easily become great-quality stock photos that many people want to buy! This ebook goes into detail about how you can make all the money that you need from your photos, and start making money instead of just letting your photos sit in your camera roll. Do not leave money lying around Start getting paid!

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Learn Digital Photography

This collection of tutorials and tips will take you from absolute beginner, help you through the learning curve and leave you at the end with a level of knowledge that will help you to deal with any photographic situation. Whether you are a complete beginner or have already started down the road, this book is for you. It assumes no prior knowledge and is suitable for the absolute beginner. But if you do already have some knowledge and experience, there will still be plenty here you can learn that will help you improve. Learning photography is a path that, whilst easy to get started on (just point and shoot), takes a lifetime to master properly. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Geoff Lawrence
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Sell Your Photos And Videos Online

Are you one of those who loves photography but does not feel comfortable starting a career in professional photography? So you're not alone! With the advent of digital photography, it was easier to record personal moments. Also, nowadays, we have hundreds of smartphones with good cameras, in addition to the semi-professional and professional equipment, which are much more affordable. Therefore, opting for a good online photography course is your best choice. For those who do not have so much time available, online courses appear like a good way to qualify, upgrade and professional training. In the area of photography, for example, there are options that range from the general concepts of photography to the most complex editing techniques, with the use of specific software. Here, we have an excellent online photography course. Get to know him a little more and learn how he can help you value your professional resume! Throughout the online course Photography, the inscribed will know, with rich detail and quality materials, the evolutionary process of photography, with emphasis on the practices, techniques, and operation of photographic equipment. Throughout the course, you will have access to materials that will discuss the fundamentals of photography. More here...

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Authors Acknowledgments

Special thanks to Cameron Taylor-Brown and the kind people at Schaefer Yarns, Cascade Yarns, Rowan, Westminster Fibers, Crystal Palace, Colinette, Unique Kolors, Curious Creek Fibers, and Berroco for providing yarn for these projects, as well as Moving Mud for the closures used in the photographs. Their support of this project is much appreciated. Cover Photo Photographs, Kreber Mark Madden Art Direction, Kreber LeeAnn Kolka Set Stylist, Kreber Suzanne King Special Art Photographs, Kreber Mark Madden Art Direction, Kreber LeeAnn Kolka Set Stylist, Kreber Suzanne King

Old Knitting Catalogue

Gossamer Crocheted Wedding Veil

Researching a book can be more exciting than writing it. The people, cups of tea and home-bakes, and the very special pieces of knitting I was shown helped in this task. Descriptions and photographs will never recreate the charm of seeing and handling a rare shawl or allover and hearing first-hand of its creation and the special details that make it totally unique. The catalogue's fifty pages contain not only photographs and descriptions of the goods for sale but details of Shetland life and traditions. There are two colour plates and Willie's engraving, 1755, of the painting La Devideuse by Gerard Douw, which refers to the Shetland spinners who still used a wooden winder of the same shape for dividing wool into skeins. Even the chapter endings had small detailed engravings showing spinning wheels, kishies, and colly lamps made from conch shells.

Knitting lace knittingdaily presents

And yet, look around-lace knitting is not relegated only to dusty cases in museums, or faded photographs in history books. Lace knitting is now vibrant, and modern, and more popular than ever Today, everything from hats to sweaters incorporates the beauty of knitted lace knitting one's first lace scarf or shawl has become a rite of passage in the knitting community, with thousands of knitters on the internet ready to mentor the next wave of knitters as they discover the joy of making holes in their knitting.

How to resize via The Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Encyclopedia

Severina is the stern corset-wearing alter-ego of designer Aundrea Murphy, who lives in a strange world cluttered with black silk, jet beads and Bakelite. She fantasizes about ruling the world with her steam-powered robot army and when she isn't doing that she obsesses on dusty old books, vinyl albums, photographs of people she doesn't know, and reproducing clothing using antique needlework and sewing patterns. Currently she wastes quite a bit of valuable bandwidth at

First and second editions

Mr Walter Bullwer who has kindly supplied many of the technical photographs my colleagues and other members of staff at Leicester Polytechnic particularly the library and clerical staff who have assisted me over the years in obtaining the research material and in collating my notes Mr Arthur Martin who first encouraged me to study Textiles at Leicester Polytechnic

And patterns

This introductory section contains everything you need to know to get started in the craft of knitting. From choosing and handling yarns and needles to blocking finished pieces, and from joining a new yarn to making up the accessories, all the essentials are shown here in clear step-by-step photographs. Once you have mastered the art of knitting and purling, turn to the Basic Patterns on page 25. Here you'll find instructions for making the Buttonhole Bag, Scarf, Mittens, Hat and Capelet.


Begin by checking out the Basic Techniques section on pages 8 to 24. Here you'll find all the information you need to take up the craft of knitting and become proficient with yarn and needles. Each technique is presented in an easy-to-understand sequence of instructions illustrated with close-up photographs that will help you every step of the way.


Www Uniquekolours Com

Special I hanks to John Mulligan whose beautiful photographs fill the pages of this book. And to models. Jameson Fisher, Lisa Jo Fisher. Teisha Helgerson, Matt Lounsbury, Henry Moreno. Avery Parker, Kate Towers, Morgan Whalen, and Sally Woodcock- Thanks also to Jennifer and Pied Cow Cafe, Krista and Fold Creperie, Lisa Jo Fisher, John Mulligan, and Karen Hite for welcoming us into their businesses and homes for photography.

The faroe islands

Nordic Scandinavian Cross Stitch

Sweaters similar to those exported from the Faroes have also been knitted in Halland, Sweden. Faroese-type patterns called jyske (which means that they are regarded as coming from Jutland) are found in southern Halland. Such sweaters have also been dubbed Icelandic, but it isn't true that the pattern is knitted in Iceland. Similar sweaters are seen in photographs from turn-of-the-century Greenland, and according to the price list at the Royal Greenland Store, the sweaters were imported from Jutland and the Faroe Islands.

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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