A wale

A wale is a predominantly vertical column of intermeshed needle loops generally produced by the same needle knitting at successive (not necessarily all) knitting cycles. A wale commences as soon as an empty needle starts to knit.

  • When loop transfer occurs it is possible to transfer a wale of loops from one needle A to another B and to recommence knitting with the second needle, in which case more than one needle will have produced intermeshed loops in the same wale. (If needle B knits continuously, the wale knitted by needle A will merge into it).
  • In warp knitting a wale can be produced from the same yarn if the same warp guide laps the same needle at successive knitting cycles.
  • Wales are connected together across the width of the fabric by sinker loops (weft knitting) or underlaps (warp knitting).
  • Wales show most clearly on the technical face and courses on the technical back of single needle bed fabric.

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