Conversion formulae

Tex counts may be obtained from count numbers in other systems by using one of the following formulae:

886 1938 591 1000 Td NeK NeW NeB Nm 9

(To obtain the decitex count, multiply the tex result by ten.)

Example: An interlock underwear fabric is weft knitted from 1/40's NeB at a weight of 5 ounces per square yard. Convert the yarn count to decitex and the fabric weight to grams per square metre.

(a) The conversion for Tex is 591/NeB so it is necessary to also multiply by 10 to obtain decitex.

The decitex count therefore = (591/40) x 10 = 148 dtex

Therefore 5oz/yd2 = (5 x 28.35) = 142g x 1/0.836 = 170g/m2.

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