Course length and runin per rack

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In weft knitting, the term 'course length' refers to the measurement of a straight length of yarn knitted by all or a fraction of the needles in the production of a particular course. It consists of the stitch length multiplied by the number of needles knitting that stitch length. It may be measured at a yarn feed during knitting or after unroving the yarn from a knitted fabric, either as a complete course length or from the counted wales between two vertical cuts in the fabric. In Fig. 6.1, the length of black yarn between X and Y would be the course length.

In warp knitting, run-in per rack is equivalent to course length in weft knitting and is measured in inches or millimetres. All threads from the same warp are supplied from the same beam-shaft under identical conditions of yarn feed and tension, so it is only necessary to measure the length of one representative runner from each warp. The rack is an internationally recognized unit of 480 courses or knitting cycles. For fabric weight calculations, the threading arrangement of each bar must also be taken into consideration.

The simplest method of measuring run-in is to divert one thread through two guide eyes so that it runs at right-angles to the rest of the warp sheet at that point. It is then marked and, after the machine has been run for 480 cam-shaft revolutions, the distance the mark has moved towards the needles is measured. The length of yarn in an average stitch unit can be calculated by dividing the run-in by 480.

In Fig. 6.2, the length of black warp thread between X and Y would be the runin if the measurement was multiplied by 160, giving a total of 480 courses.

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