Doublefaced structures

Double-faced structures are produced in weft and warp knitting when two sets of independently-controlled needles are employed with the hooks of one set knitting or facing in the opposite direction to the other set. The two sets of needles thus draw their loops from the same yarn in opposite directions, so that the fabric, formed in the gap between the two sets, shows the face loops of one set on one side and the face loops of the other set on the opposite side.

The two faces of the fabric are held together by the sinker loops or underlaps,

Old loop

Face loop stitch and notation

Fig. 5.8 Face- and reverse-meshed loops. 5.13 Single-faced structures which are inside the fabric so that the reverse stitches tend to be hidden. The two faces may be knitted from different yarns and the two fabrics thus formed may only occasionally be joined together. Sometimes the two faces are cohesively produced and are far enough apart for the connecting sinker loops or underlaps to be severed in order to produce two single-faced fabrics.

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