Element selection

Element selection involves three aspects:

1 The initiation and presentation of the selection decision, usually as a YES or NO, by the presence or absence of a tooth, a peg, a punched hole or an electronic

Fig. 11.3 Mirror repeat needle selection.

impulse. Normally, there is a selection in advance of a raising cam, with each feeder course being associated with a particular selection device.

2 The transmission of the selection decisions from the device and their reception by elements in each trick of the needle bed. One of three methods is normally employed for this task:

  • a) Employing individual raising cams, when required, for each element raising butt (pattern wheel selection).
  • b) Selectively pushing the elements upwards in their stationary tricks to align their raising butts into action with the path of the traversing or rotating cam systems (full mechanical jacquard selection).
  • c) Selectively retracting the elements into the interior of their tricks so that their raising butts no longer project out into the path of the cams. This method is widely used for mechanically- and electronically-initiated selection on circular and flat machines, especially when employing geometric multi-butt set-outs of selection butts. Raising butts may be selected to miss a complete raising cam or only the final upper section (e.g. between tucking and clearing height).

3 The translation of the selection decision into a knitting movement. With the exception of linear-motor drive of needles, this is still a completely mechanical action of a raising butt following, or failing to follow, the profile of a raising cam and thus causing an element to be lifted, or not lifted, in its trick during a stitch formation cycle.

Normally, all selection devices of one circular machine will hold an equal number of width selections and an equal number of depth selections. When each device is aligned to commence selection at the same starting trick (wale), equal widths of selection will occur at each feeder course and will be aligned into rectangular selection areas exactly framed by the courses and wales of the fabric (Fig. 11.4).

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