Enduses for technical textiles

Possible specific applications for technical textiles are as follows:

  • Geotextiles - Drainage, filter, and membrane material, road and tunnel reinforcement, erosion protection.
  • Tarpaulins, coverings - Air-inflated structures, tarpaulins, roof coverings, temperature-resistant sails, back-lit advertising signs.
  • Safety textiles - Heat and flame-resistant protective clothing for civil and military purposes, fluorescent safety clothing, inflatable life rafts, bullet-proof vests, helmets, sun protection blinds, radiation protection, parachutes, oil trap mats. (Bullet-proof vest fabric can be knitted on a Karl Mayer E 18 raschel machine with a magazine weft insertion and three guide bars. The front bar is threaded with 80dtex polyester guide bars and laps 1-0/2-3. The other two bars 'interweave' with the front bar using the evasion technique 00/11/00/22 and
Adidas Fullbody
Fig. 30.1 EQT full-body competition swimsuit [Adidas].

00/22/00/11 (Chapter 27).These, together with the weft insertion mechanism, are threaded with 840dtex aramid.

  • Industrial Textiles - Filter fabrics, conveyor belts, adhesive tapes.
  • Medical Textiles - Plasters, tapes, gauze, artificial arteries, bandages, dialysis filters, elastic net bandages, blankets and covers. (Small-diameter, single cylinder machines are ideal for weft knitting tubular stretch bandages from cotton yarn with inlaid elastic yarn [3]).
  • Composites - Composites for buildings, aerospace, automobiles, boats.
  • Active Sportswear - Clothing and equipment (Fig. 30.1).
  • Nets - Fabrics for construction, agriculture, for safety, weather and pest protection, blinds, fences, storage nets, sacks, fish nets [4].

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