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Circular engineering cams or high speed eccentrics control the motion of bars of elements which move en masse as single units in Cottons Patent and warp knitting machines. They are attached to a rotary drive shaft situated parallel to, and below, the needle bar. A number of identical cams are positioned along the shaft to ensure correctly aligned movement. The drive is transmitted and adapted via cam-followers, levers, pivots and rocker shafts. One complete 360-degree revolution of the drive shaft is equivalent to one knitting cycle, and it produces all the required movements of the elements in their correctly-timed relationship.

In warp knitting machines, four types of cam drive have been employed: single acting cams, cam and counter cam, box cams and contour cams. The first type requires a powerful spring to negatively retain the cam truck or follower in contact with the cam surface, where bounce and excessive wear occur at speed. The cam and counter cam arrangement provides a cam and its follower in each direction of movement, but is obviously more expensive to manufacture. The box or enclosed cam employs a single cam follower, which is guided by the two cam races of a groove on the face of the cam. However, change of contact from one face to the other causes the follower to turn in the opposite direction, producing wear which cannot be compensated. The contour, ring or pot cam is the reverse of the box cam as the cam profile projects out from one face of the cam in the form of a lip with a cam-follower placed on either side of it. This is a popular and easily adaptable arrangement. Although cams are comparatively cheap, simple and accurate, at speeds above 800 courses per minute they are subject to excessive vibration. For this reason, at speeds in excess of that, eccentric drive is now employed.

The eccentric is a form of crank which provides a simple harmonic movement with smooth acceleration and deceleration. Its widespread use is the result of adapting this simple motion and modifying it to the requirements of the warp knitting machine, so that even dwell (stationary periods) in the element cycle can be achieved. On the FNF compound needle machine, the movements of two eccentric drive shafts, one turning twice as fast as the other, were superimposed on each other. Now, however, the simpler, single eccentric drive is successfully driving element bars at speeds in excess of 3000 courses per minute.

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