First and second editions

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all those individuals and organisations who have directly or indirectly contributed towards the publication of this book. Although a full list of names would be too long for publication, I would particularly like to express my gratitude to the following:

Mr Ralph Innes who first raised the subject of this book and then magnanimously handed over the project to me; Mr J. B. Lancashire who meticulously read through much of the draft of the script and made many helpful comments regarding it; Mr Eric Keates who originally produced many technical diagrams of structures and mechanisms which are recognised throughout the knitting world by his initials E.A.K.;

Mr Walter Bullwer who has kindly supplied many of the technical photographs; my colleagues and other members of staff at Leicester Polytechnic particularly the library and clerical staff who have assisted me over the years in obtaining the research material and in collating my notes; Mr Arthur Martin who first encouraged me to study Textiles at Leicester Polytechnic;

Corahs of Leicester who sponsored my education in knitting technology and with whom I gained invaluable technical experience; my wife Shirley Ann and my parents who assisted with typing and amending the script with an apology to my family for the disruption which the evening and early morning routine of script writing has tended to produce.

Although it has not always been possible to utilise all the material provided for the book I would also particularly like to thank the following for their generous assistance in this matter:

Mr John T. Millington and Mr John Gibbon of Knitting International; Mr Eric Hertz of Knitting Times; Mr Lehner and Mr Jeff Caunt of Karl Mayer; Mr R.

Bracegirdle of Leicester Museum of Technology; Dr Georg Syamken of Hamburger Kunsthalle Museum; Mr W. M. Whittaker of Camber International; Mr Peter Ford, East Midlands Chairman Information Technology 82; Mr R. Beardall of Foster Textile Sales Ltd; Mr Lewis P. Miles of the International Institute for Cotton; Carole May of the International Wool Secretariat; Mr Bryan Atkins of Marks and Spencer; NASA Press Information Centre; Joan Broughton of the British Knitting Export Council; Mr Roger Munsey of Dubied; Dupont Ltd; Jacob Muller Ltd; Iropa Ltd; Maria Potemski of Corahs; Bentley Engineering Co Ltd; Smitex Ltd; Mr B. Bliss-Hill of William Cotton Ltd; Mr I. Brunton of Monarch and various Divisions of Courtauld's.

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