Flat machine gauges

Flat machines (Fig. 8.2) are normally gauged on the English system (e) of needles per inch (npi). The Metric system, which is based on the distance in tenths of a millimetre from the centre of one needle to the next, is rarely used. The latter is a direct system, with a higher gauge number indicating a coarser gauge - the opposite of the English system.

Generally, flat machine gauges range from E 5 to E 14, with the main gauges being 5,7 and 10, but there are machines as coarse as E 2- and as fine as E 18 or even finer now being built.

NB: All flat machines can be half-gauged by removing every alternate needle; thus, an E 10 gauge machine will become an E 5 gauge. Also, different needle hook sizes are available, and gauge conversion by changing needle beds is possible.

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