Full jacquard mechanical needle selection

Full jacquard mechanical needle selection provides the possibility of independent selection over the full width of the stationary needle bed in a simultaneous movement for all needles on flat machines or onto blocks of adjacent needles on revolving cam-box circulars. Theoretically, it offers unlimited depth in traverses or revolutions dependent upon the number of jacquard steels or the length of the jacquard rolls. Each column of holes is allocated to a particular needle, with a new selection being presented by each part turn of the prism or roller.

The arrangement was widely applied to flat machines. It has also been employed on rib jacquard and garment-length purl machines produced by the Wildman Jacquard Company (see previous editions of this book). Pattern changing was time-consuming and expensive (just one design row of two-colour jacquard around the machine involved 2 x 1344 separate punched hole positions). In addition, low production speeds, a limited number of feeders, and coarse gauge restricted its use. Full mechanical jacquard selection has now been replaced by electronic jacquard selection on both V-bed flats and on circular machines.

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