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In 1867, Henri Edouard Dubied acquired the European rights for Lamb's machine (see Section 18) during the Paris Exhibition and established his knitting machine building company. Similarly, in 1873, Heinrich Stoll, a German engineer, began to build and repair Lamb machines and by the early 1890s he was not only building improved versions of the rib machine but also flat bed purl machines of a similar standard of perfection [1-3]. The company founded by Stoll continues to play an important part in the development of flat knitting machinery including: -

  • 1926, the first motor-driven jacquard flat machine.
  • 1975, the first fully-electronic flat machine.
  • 1987, the first of the CMS series machines.

In the 1960s, the Japanese company Shima Seiki under its president Masahiro Shima, pioneered the development of the automatic V-bed seamless glove-knitting machine. Experience gained in that field has been applied to the development of a comprehensive range of electronic V-bed flat machines, including the very latest techniques for knitting whole garments. CAD systems have also been up-graded and refined to complement developments in knitting technology.

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