Integral knitting

Whereas garments cut from fabric are completely assembled during seaming, others require varying amounts of making-up. Integrally knitted articles or 'whole garments' are completely assembled on the knitting machine and require no further making-up operations off the machine.

Some V-bed glove knitting machines are of this type, as are some hosiery machines with integral toe-closing facilities. Some V-bed flat machines can knit complete garments in tubular form [1].

Integral Knitting Techniques
Fig. 8.1 Sequential knitting.

The advantages of this technique include savings in making-up machinery, space and labour, and reductions in the production sequence. Disadvantages include increased costs and complexity of the knitting machine and a possible reduction in its versatility and flexibility.

Certain electronically-controlled straight bar and V-bed flat machines can now be programmed to carry out a sequence of knitting a front, a back and two sleeves in turn thus using the same yarn and stitch lengths. Programming sequential knitting requires adequate computer memory and gives the advantages of quick response, less work in progress and better matching of component panels (Fig. 8.1).

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