Knitting technology The fashioning action

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Figure 17.5(a-f) illustrates the fashioning action for either narrowing or widening:

(a) The fashioning points descend and the needle bar tips backwards to clear them.

Fig. 17.5 The fashioning action.
  • b) The needle bar moves towards the points, causing the beards of the needles engaged with points to be pressed and 'boxed' or located in the grooves of the points.
  • c) The sinkers and dividers, which are collectively controlled by the catch bar, retire, and the needles and points descend together below the knocking-over bits, so that the loops are cast-off onto the points.
  • d) The needles and points now rise and move clear of each other so that the points can make the sideways 'fashion rack' at each selvedge, either by one needle for widening or by one, two, or four needles for narrowing.
  • e) The needles and points now descend and the needles 'box' with the points again so that they receive the transferred loops. As the needles and points descend below the sinkers, the sinkers and dividers move forward to hold down the loops.
  • f) Once the needles have slid up into the grooves of the points to receive the loops, the points rise to their high inoperative position. The needle bar rises, causing the transferred loops to slip down onto the stems and the cam-shaft is shogged back to the left again so that knitting can restart.

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