Knitting welts and rib borders

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Garment-length knitting sequences vary considerably. The simplest circular garment machines knit repeat sequences of rib borders and body panels in a continuous structure at high speed. This structure requires cutting into garment lengths and seaming to produce a secure welt edge.

Most garment machines knit some form of secure welt edge at the start of the garment sequence and either a 'knitted-in' separation course (draw-thread or dissolving thread) or 'press-off' separation between each garment piece. In the latter case, the machine must be capable of commencing knitting of the next garment length on empty needles.

Shaping of flat garment panels is either in the form of cut edges or in the form of knitted selvedges (in the case of reciprocating knitting on a flat machine). The amount of shape introduced into the garment also varies; in some cases this is achieved entirely by the cutting and making-up operation, in others it is by stitch shaping, stitch length variation, loop transfer and fashioning, held stitches or reciprocation.

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    How to knit in rib welts?
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