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Strapping machine needle bed widths tend to range from about 14 to 50cm (5.5-20 inches); hand-operated garment-width machines range from about 80 to 120cm (31-47 inches); power-driven automatic garment length machines range approximately in width from about 66 cm to 240 cm (26-95 inches).

Wider 'blanket width machines are approximately 244 cm (96 inches) wide, to knit unshaped garment pieces for cut-and-sew knitwear.

Narrow bed 'compact machines are approximately 127 cm (50 inches) wide for fashion shaped knitwear.

For integral garment knitting, the approximate width is 183 cm (72 inches).

* 'G' is sometimes expressed as 'gge'. For example, G 9 = 9gge.

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