Layingin and weft insertion

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Laying-in is achieved in warp knitting by causing a guide bar to only underlap; its threads will be held in the technical back of the structure only if a guide bar in front of it is overlapping. The yarn will inlay on top of the overlaps during knitting so that, as the guides of the knitting bar swing through the needles for the next overlap, their underlaps will be laid on top of the inlay yarn, trapping it into the back of the fabric (Fig. 27.1).

An inlaid yarn may pass across part or all of the knitting width or it may be introduced in a warp direction. Using a weft insertion device, a full-width weft may be

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Fig. 27.1 The action of inlay in warp knitting.

introduced. The laying-in guide may be specially designed to take coarse or unconventional yarns or to achieve a longer than normal underlap, and a pattern mechanism designed only for laying-in may be used as in the case of weft insertion.

The raschel is particularly suitable for laying-in and sometimes the machine is designed to eliminate the swinging movement for the laying-in bars. On the crochet machine, the action of the knitting bar and the inlay bars is separately arranged and derived.

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