Machine design

In warp knitting machines, all elements of the same type (needles or sinkers or guides of one guide bar) act as a single unit and are therefore fitted into, and controlled from, an element bar. Each guide in the same (conventional) guide bar requires the same warp-yarn feed rate and tension. This is most conveniently achieved by supplying a large number of parallel ends of warp yarn to the guide bar from a warp beam.

The shogging movement of the guide bars is controlled from one end of the machine. All these factors tend to restrict warp knitting machines to rectilinear frames and straight needle bars.

In weft knitting machines there are only a limited number of yarn feed positions, often requiring different rates of yarn feed, so these are supplied from yarn packages such as cones. Since the needles knit in serial formation, the weft knitting machine frame may be arranged with either a circular or a straight needle bed, depending upon end-use requirements.

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