Mecmor Variatex machines

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The Mecmor Variatex machines are a range of circular cylinder and dial, garment-length machines that knit garment-lengths in open-width on 300 degrees of the machine's circumference. The revolving cam-box model '180' has a diameter of 28 inches, providing a maximum knitting width of 70 inches (180 cm). The remainder of the machine's periphery consists of a command sector containing a multi-track Mylar film loop with insertable plastic studs and a master control drum to control each knitting or transfer station as it passes.

The knitting width may be reduced according to requirements, thus economising on yarn. The garment-length is of constant width, with fringes of yarn produced as each course is striped into and out of action for the knitting width.

The latest electronically-controlled models ('2500' onwards) have a revolving cylinder and dial with a 40-inch diameter. The maximum fabric width is 2.75 m. In a standard model there could be twelve knitting systems and six transfer stations.

Fig. 20.7 Body-size seamless garment [Santoni].

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