Partthreaded guide bars

The following are the basic rules when employing part-threaded guide bars for the production of nets, cords and relief designs:

  • During a normal knitting cycle, every needle must receive at least one overlapped thread but it is not necessary for the same guide bar to supply every needle or for every needle to be overlapped by the same number of threaded guides.
  • The guide bar threading for one width repeat is usually shown in its correct relative position between the needle spaces at the first link of the design, with I representing a threaded guide and • representing an empty guide.
  • Overlaps composed of only a single thread will be inclined, whereas loops produced by the overlaps of two bars lapping in opposition will be smaller and upright.
  • Wales will be drawn together where underlaps pass across between them and will separate at points where no underlaps cross, producing net pillars in the former and net openings in the latter (Fig. 26.2, P and O). If a full-threaded guide bar that knits at every course is also used, the effect will occur in the form of a cord or relief instead of a net.
  • Symmetrical nets are produced when two identically-threaded guide bars overlap in balanced lapping movements in opposition. The threaded guides of a I • I • arrangement in each bar should pass through the same needle space at the first link in order to overlap adjacent needles, otherwise both may overlap the same needle and leave the other without a thread.
  • In the production of nets, a guide bar should traverse one more needle than the number of threaded guides in a guide bar in order to cross over the threads of the other bar (Figures 26.2 and 26.3).
  • In balanced nets, the width of the net pillar in wales will be equal to the threading repeat of one bar, and half the width will be equal to the number of adjacent threaded guides in one bar.
  • In balanced nets, a thread of one guide bar normally laps across the threads of two repeats in the other guide bar during its complete sequence (Fig. 26.2).
Lap Diagram For Tricot Machine
Fig. 26.2 Structure of a balanced net.
  1. 26.3 Notation of 2 x 2 sandfly net.
  2. 26.3 Notation of 2 x 2 sandfly net.
Tricot Guide Bars Notation

bar - « . ^ > - Ni.-t threading »• ™ • I •• • ' opening

bar - « . ^ > - Ni.-t threading »• ™ • I •• • ' opening

Fig. 26.4 Pin net loop structure and lapping diagram.

  • A vertical net pillar extends in length as long as the threading repeat of one bar continuously re-crosses the same threading repeat in the other bar. A net opening is terminated as soon as the guides of one bar progress across towards another set of threads in the second bar. An open lap is often used for this progressive traverse (Fig. 26.2).
  • In order to traverse across from one pillar to another and return by means of open laps, there must be an odd number of closed laps in the guide bar pillar lapping movement.

Pin net is the simplest net produced with alternately threaded guide bars. It uses a 2 x 1 closed lap and produces openings at every other wale and course. Its disadvantage is its lack of strength because of the small number of wales and courses involved in the repeat (Fig. 26.4).

Sandfly net

Front bar 1-0/1-2/2-3/2-1 Back bar 2-3/2-1/1-0/1-2

  1. 26.5 Loop structure and notation of sandfly net.
  2. 26.5 Loop structure and notation of sandfly net.

Sandfly net is more popular. It is diamond-shaped, with staggered rows of openings occurring at every other course. The closed laps pull tight and move in the direction of the underlaps to form an opening, whilst the open laps help to form the diamond point closure of the hole (Fig. 26.5).

In cord fabrics, the width of the cord will be determined by the number of adjacent threads in the partly-threaded guide bar and the extent of its underlap movement (Fig. 26.6).

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