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  1. anon., Where does the name Raschel Machine come from? Wirkerei-Und-Strickerei Technik, (1968), Jan., No. 1, p. 11, (translation by C. E. J. Aston).
  2. Another possible derivation is from the name Reichel, a German manufacturer who, according to Willkomm (Technology of Framework Knitting, (1885) Part One, page 131) brought the warp loom to Berlin in 1795.
  3. wheatley, b., Development of tricot and Raschel machinery over the past 50 years, Knit O'wr. Times Y'r. Bk., (1968), 242-57.
  4. cavalca, a., Knit. Tech., (June 1999), 20, 21.

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