Seamed toe closing

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Linking is the conventional method of toe closing that occurs after knitting during making-up. A slacker course of loops on the instep is joined loop-to-loop to a similar course in the toe pouch, by stitching on a linking machine. This is, however, an expensive, relatively slow and skilled operation.

In Rosso linking, the fabric to be joined is guided by a conveyor guide onto dial points and is seamed from opposite sides, but the join is not exactly on one course nor is there an individual 'loop-to-loop' join.

In the case of the run-down toe, the toe fabric is knitted in normal circular knitting (possibly with 40-denier instead of 15-denier yarn); it is later seamed from under the foot in an upward curve towards the top of the toe in a single or two-needle three-thread seam. Automatic toe seaming units can turn the hose inside out by means of compressed air, position the hose leg, and then convey it to a seaming head. After seaming the hose on the inside, it is turned back to its correct side. The complete cycle occupies only a few seconds.

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