Stocking production

Fully-fashioned nylon stocking-production reached a peak in the 1950s, with automatic machines having up to forty divisions, each 15 inches (38 cm) wide, in popular gauges of 51G and 60G (needles per 1- inches/38mm). Each stocking blank, which has a turned welt top, shaped leg and foot, round heel pouch, and diamond point toe, was completed in 30 minutes and pressed off from the few needles still knitting. The stocking blank selvedges were then cup-seamed (joined together with a seam that passed straight down the back of the leg and underneath the foot). By the end of the fifties, however, fashion was swinging over to the bare leg look of the cheaper, heat-shaped, circular knitted, seamless stocking, and production of fully-fashioned stockings declined rapidly during the early 1960s.

Today, fully-fashioned stockings provide a niche market for a handful of specialist knitters [2].

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