The advantages of warp knitted nets

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Warp knitted nets have knot-free joints giving greater strength and lower weights; extremely open fabric uses very little yarn; fabric density is adjustable and can be adjusted to the requirements of sunlight.

Knitted Raschel Lace Pattern Graph
Fig. 30.2 Directionally-structured fibre (DSF) geotextile constructions [The Karl Mayer Guide to Geotextiles, P R Ranilor and S Raz (1989), Karl Mayer, Germany].

Warp knitting technology is more versatile than any other fabric producing technique for manufacturing nets. Different sizes and shapes of net openings can be produced. They are dimensionally stable, slip-resistant, and do not require a stabilising finish.

Karl Mayer have an eight-guide bar raschel for knitting medium-weight nets in E 6 to E 9, in a yarn count range of dtex 3000 to 6000, at a speed of 400 to 500

courses per minute. It has six stitch-forming bars (4 ground, 2 selvedge, and 2 inlay guide bars).

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