The doublecylinder slider butt setout

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If a broad rib set-out is used whose repeat is not an exact factor of the total cylinder tricks, the extra non-standard rib panels must be carefully arranged to balance at the heel centre (back of the leg) so that they are less noticeable. It may also be necessary for the foot bottom to be slightly less or slightly more than half the cylinder tricks, in order to balance the rib panels on either side of the foot.

As previously mentioned (Section 7.5.1), sliders have a needle knitting butt towards their head and a needle transfer butt towards their tail. Generally, the knitting butts are long in the instep half (these are raised out of action during reciprocation) and short in the heel half, in both cylinders.

When arranging the transfer butts it is necessary to understand that the transfer bolt cams are gradually introduced in stages so that the longest butts will be used for the first transfer actions, whilst the shortest butts will be unaffected until the cam is fully in action for the last required transfer.

The 1 x 1 rib top arrangement is obtained by transferring up alternate needles using alternate long butts in the bottom cylinder. When a broad rib leg is required, a second up-transfer may be necessary using short butts on the bottom sliders. In a minimum movement only the necessary needles will be transferred up, whereas with a links-links movement all needles are transferred up. The broad rib wales are achieved by transferring down using long top cylinder butts. Medium butts are used to transfer down for the heel. Later, short butts are used to transfer down the instep needles still in the top, in order to finish by knitting the toe in plain.

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