The five basic overlapunderlap variations

All guide bar lapping movements are composed of one or more of the following lapping variations (Fig. 23.5):

1 An overlap followed by an underlap in the opposite direction (closed lap) (Fig. 23.5a).

2 An overlap followed by an underlap in the same direction (open lap) (Fig. 23.5b).

3 Only overlaps and no underlaps (open laps) (Fig. 23.5c).

4 Only underlaps and no overlaps (laying-in) (Fig. 23.5d).

5 Neither overlaps nor underlaps (miss-lapping) (Fig. 23.5e).

Movements 4 and 5 require the overlaps of another guide bar in front in order to hold them into the structure.

Over Lap Knitting
Fig. 23.5 Overlap/underlap variations.

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