The guides

Warp guides are thin metal plates drilled with a hole in their lower end through which a warp end may be threaded if required. They are held together at their upper end as a single unit in a metal lead and are spaced to the same gauge as the needles.

The leads are attached to a guide bar so that the guides hang down from it, with each one occupying a position, when at rest, midway between two adjacent needles.

In this position, the warp thread cannot be received by the needles and it will merely produce a straight vertical float. The needles only receive the warp thread in their hooks if the guide bar overlaps across their hooks, or across their backs when the guide bar underlaps. All guides in a conventional guide bar produce an identical lapping movement at the same time and therefore have identical requirements of warp tension and rate of feed, although the threads may differ in colour or composition from each other.

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