The intermeshing points of a needle loop

All needle loops or overlaps have four possible intermeshing points (Fig. 5.6) -1 and 2 at the head, where the next new loop will be drawn through by the needle, and 3 and 4 at the base, where the loop has intermeshed with the head of the previously formed loop. The intermeshings at 1 and 2 are always identical with each other as are intermeshings 3 and 4 with each other. It is impossible to draw a new loop through the old loop so that its two feet are alternately intermeshed (Fig. 5.7). This could only be achieved by taking the yarn package through the old loop. Although this would produce a locked loop, the package used would not be large enough to provide a continuous supply.

A new loop can thus only be intermeshed through the head of the old loop in a manner that will show a face loop stitch on one side and a reverse loop stitch on the other side. This is because the needle hook is uni-directional and can only draw a new loop down through an old loop.

Fig. 5.7 An impossible intermeshing.
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