The knitted stitch

The knitted stitch is the basic unit of intermeshing. It usually consists of three or more intermeshed needle loops (Fig. 5.6). The centre loop has been drawn through the head of the lower previously-formed loop and is, in turn, intermeshed through its head by the loop above it.

The repeat unit of a stitch is the minimum repeat of intermeshed loops that can be placed adjoining other repeat units in order to build up an unbroken sequence in width and depth.

A needle loop only has its characteristic appearance because its legs are prevented from spreading outwards by being intermeshed through the head of the loop below it. If there is no previous loop to mesh through, the legs of the new loop will spread outwards.

The term stitch is unfortunately sometimes used to refer to a single needle loop.

Stitch length is a length of yarn which includes the needle loop and half the sinker loop on either side of it. Generally, the larger the stitch length, the more extensible and lighter the fabric and the poorer the cover, opacity and bursting strength.

Picture Knitted Stitch Length
Fig. 5.6 The knitted stitch.
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