The principles of hand knitting using two pins

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In Fig. 2.2a, the left-hand pin A is retaining the previously formed row of loops (course). The right-hand pin B is being used to draw through and retain the next course of loops, one at a time.

In Fig. 2.2b, pin B has drawn the newly formed loop 2 through loop 1 of the previous course. Pin A then releases loop 1, which hangs from loop 2, which itself is hanging from pin B. (Note that loop 1 has been drawn under the head of the lower loop and that loop 2 has been drawn over the head of loop 1.)

At the start of the next row (course), the pins may be changed hands and the action continued. If this happens, the fabric will be turned around and the next course of loops will mesh through from the opposite side of the fabric. Each course

Fig. 2.2 Hand pin knitting.

of loops will be drawn through the heads of the previous course of loops, in the same direction in the fabric. As the pins are straight and pointed, skill is required to ensure that the loops do not slip off the end and cause drop stitches.

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