The production of fleecy on sinkertop machines

Three-thread fleecy was at first knitted as a quality fabric on the (no longer viable) loopwheel frame. (The loopwheel frame was described in detail in the first and second editions of this book, Sections 14.1 and 14.2). Three-thread fleecy is now produced mainly on single-jersey latch needle machines in the manner first patented by Lestor Mishcon in the USA in 1937. Pattern wheel selection was used for fleece yarn tucking. The preferred method today is to use a top needle butt and camtrack for knitting the ground (face) and tie-in (binding) yarns, and four tracks and corresponding butt positions (which can be rearranged) for the fleecy tucking sequence.

Figure 14.2 shows a typical knitting sequence for producing three-thread fleecy:

1 Selected needles are raised to tuck height to receive the fleecy yarn (F) (usually one out of four). The sinkers then move forward so that the top throat controls the fleecy tuck (F) whilst the lower throat controls the previous course.

2 All needles are raised to clear the previous course and receive the tie-in yarn

3 The needles descend to the normal 'tucking-on-the-latch' position so that the previous course remains on the outside of the closed latch. The fleecy tuck, which is higher on the closed latch, slips off the needle head. As the fleecy tuck rests on the upper sinker belly, with the sinker withdrawing, the tie-in yarn (inside the closed hook) is drawn downwards through it.

4 The upper sinker throat holds the tie-in loop on the open latch whilst all needles rise to receive the ground yarn (G).

5 The needles again descend to the 'tucking-on-the-latch' position, to form loops from the tie-in yarn over the sinker crowns.

6 The sinkers finally withdraw and, as the needles descend, the new plated course slips onto their lower sinker bellies and the old course is knocked-over. Very carefully adjusted cam settings encourage the ground yarn to plate on the technical face (the underside) of the structure.

Circular Knitting Cycle
Fig. 14.2 Three-thread fleecy knitting cycle.
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