The reverse loop stitch

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This is the opposite side of the stitch to the face loop-side and shows the new loop meshing away from the viewer as it passes under the head of the old loop. It is referred to as the left side on the mainland of Europe. Reverse stitches show the sinker loops in weft knitting and the underlaps in warp knitting most prominently on the surface. The reverse loop side is the nearest to the head of the needle because the needle draws the new loop downwards through the old loop (Figures 4.4 and 5.8).

Face loop stitch and notation

Old loop

Reverse loop stitch and notation

Fig. 5.8 Face- and reverse-meshed loops. 5.13 Single-faced structures

Single-faced structures are produced in warp and weft knitting by the needles (arranged in either a straight line or a circle, with their hooks facing outwards) operating as a single set. Adjacent needles will thus have their hooks facing towards the same direction and the heads of the needles will always draw the new loops downwards through the old loops in the same direction so that intermeshing points 1 and 2 will be identical with intermeshing points 3 and 4.

The under-surface of the fabric on the needles (termed the technical face or right side) will thus only show the face stitches in the form of the side limbs of the loops or overlaps as a series of interfitting 'V's. The upper surface of the fabric on the needles (termed the technical back or left side) will show reverse stitches in the form of sinker loops or underlaps as well as the heads of the loops.

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