The ribtoplain machine

Despite automation in transferring rib border fabric from the V-bed flat machines onto straight bar frames, the operation requires the co-ordination not only of the fabric but also of extra labour and machinery, and involves additional factory space. The rib-to-plain technique [4] pioneered by S. A. Monk tried to overcome these problems. It involves a straight bar frame that can knit an integral rib border start with a less complex mechanical action than that of the conventional rib frame. During rib border knitting, an ancillary set of horizontally-arranged latch needles ('machine needles') co-operates with only the even needles of the vertical bearded needle bar ('frame needles'). At the commencement of the fully-fashioned panel, the machine needles transfer their loops onto the re-introduced odd frame needles so that a full set of plain needles is in action (Fig. 17.6). Unfortunately, this and the Bentley Cotton CRP were capitally expensive and complex, and never seriously challenged the existing method of automatic rib transfer.

Fig. 17.6 Rib to plain.

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