The seamless bodywear garment machine

The seamless bodywear garment machine knits body-width underwear garments (Fig. 20.7) requiring little or no making-up and with no uncomfortable side-seams. The machine, whose simple construction owes much to knowledge gained from the development of hosiery and tights machinery, is produced in the Lonati Group by Santoni.

The model SM8-8 is an eight-feed, fully electronic, single needle selection machine that can produce a knitted-in welt, and structures such as openwork, stripes, jacquard, terry and plated fabrics. Spliced areas for shaping and figure-control can be incorporated using step-motor-controlled stitch cams. Diameters range from 10 to 15 inches in gauges E 16 to E 32.

An eight-feed cylinder and dial machine with four two-way transfer stations is being developed in a diameter range from 14 to 22 inches and gauges E 14 to E 16. The 20 and 22-inch diameter machines have twelve feeds and six transfer stations.

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