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Since developing the Micro SDS pattern preparation system, Shima have introduced a series of systems with improved hardware and software according to industry's needs.

The Shima Total Design System is a totally-integrated knit production system that allows all stages - planning, design, evaluation, production, and sales promotion -to be integrated into a smooth work-flow:

1 The designer, using computer-graphic paint software and a pressure-sensitive airbrush, creates concept drawings. Scanned-in images can be used to create storyboards.

2 A fully-fashioned pattern for shaping is created, using a pattern CAD program for knitting. The working pattern is then displayed using KnitPaint software. Courses and wales are converted into numbers of loops. Jacquard, intarsia and structure patterns can be created separately.

3 When each pattern is complete, KnitPaint automatically combines all patterns into usable knitting data, customised to the required Shima machine. Machine data is converted for intarsia using the auto yarn carrier selection function.

4 The loop simulation programme uses yarns either scanned or painted or created by the yarn creation programme.

5 The resulting simulated knit pattern can then be draped onto models using the mesh-mapping function. A mesh grid is created to conform to each fully-fashioned piece, such as the front body, back body, and sleeves, and the simulated knit pattern is draped directly over that piece. The mesh mapping allows shadows and wrinkles to be maintained from the original image.

6 A database of models wearing various types of knitwear (V-neck, crewe neck, cardigan, etc) for which the mesh grids are ready-made is available.

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