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The Karl Mayer electronically-controlled SU guide bar shogging arrangement [3] now employed on multi-bar lace machines is typical of the efforts being made to replace chain links with a simpler and cheaper method for changing patterns more rapidly. It also eliminates the time and cost of assembling, dismantling, and storing the chain links.

The shogging data is supplied to the memory of a microprocessor by means of disc or other data carrier (Fig. 28.5). Each pattern bar has its own unit consisting of six eccentric cams that, although mounted on six separate continuously rotating shafts, are not fixed to rotate with them. On either side of each cam is an electromagnet that, when it receives a signal from the microprocessor, locks the cam onto its shaft causing the cam to rotate, moving its push rod forward like a piston so that the roller in front causes the vertical segmented bar to move upwards. At the top of the bar, the vertical movement is transformed into a horizontal shogging motion.

When the microprocessor sends a signal to the other electro-magnet, the magnet locks onto the rotating shaft and rotates with it, pulling the roller out of vertical, causing it to be lowered and shogging the guide bar horizontally in the opposite direction.

Each of the six eccentric cams produces a different extent of shogging movement when activated. The bottom cam shogs the guide bar by 1 needle space, the second shogs the guide bar by 2 needle spaces, the third by 4, the fourth by 8, and the fifth and sixth each shog 16 needle spaces. If the first and second cams are in action, a shog of 3 needle spaces will be achieved and so on. Any number of needle space shogs from 1 up to a total of 47 can be obtained. On some machines there is another eccentric that, when in action, produces an automatic overlap; for example, for fallplate pattern guide bars.

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