The versatility of Vbed power flat knitting

As the facilities of the mechanically-controlled V-bed flat machine improved, its patterning versatility became such that it could not be equalled:

  • It was able to knit rib or plain garment panels in jacquard, racked stitches, rib loop transfer, links-links, cable stitch, needle-out, and relief designs.
  • Jacquard steels provided individual needle selection across the whole needle bed (with the possibility of selection on the back as well as on the front needle bed).

However, in cut-and-sew knitwear it faced competition from the less versatile but more highly-productive circular garment-length knitting machines. Additionally, in the production of classic, plain, fully-fashioned knitwear it was unable to challenge the shaping facilities of the straight bar frame.

Over the last thirty years, many innovations and refinements in knitting technology have gradually evolved and combined to transform the mechanically-controlled V-bed machine into a computer-controlled, highly efficient and versatile knitting machine, not only for cut-and-sew knitwear but also for integrally-shaped panels and whole garments.

In this process of evolution it has rendered the flat bed links-links machine superfluous, blunted the productive challenge of the circular garment-length machines, surpassed the straight bar frame in shaping potential both in types of shapes and knitted structures, and has extended its own gauge range capabilities. Its biggest challenge occurs when fashion swings away from knitwear to tee shirts and sweatshirts cut from jersey fabric.

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