Third edition

For this third edition, apart from those already mentioned, I would like to thank the following for their support and assistance:

I wish to express my very special thanks to my son Nigel who has, on numerous occasions and with great patience, rescued my computer system from self-destruction together with the script of this book.

My wife Shirley Ann for her encouragement and practical assistance and our family for accepting the disruption caused by the accumulation of material for the book.

John Cooper, my former colleague at De Montfort University, who was extremely supportive during the onset of my illness. He always gives a hundred per cent in effort and shares a deep practical knowledge of knitting technology.

Ralph Innes for his friendship, encouragement and continuing interest in all aspects of knitting technology and particularly this book.

John Millington, who continues to promote and support an understanding of knitting technology.

John Mowbray, the new Editor of Knitting International, for ensuring that the latest information in knitting technology is collated and disseminated.

Michael Dicks and colleagues at Shima Seiki for their hospitality and for constantly up-dating me on the latest developments in flat knitting technology.

Stoll UK for briefing me and providing technical information on Stoll developments.

Nigel Blyth and Monarch UK for providing the latest information on Monarch machinery and software.

Jeff Caunt, Karl Mayer and Kettenwirk-Praxis for so comprehensively covering all aspects of warp knitting technology.

Brian Applebee and Tritex for their support, particularly in getting passes for the ITMA Paris Exhibition.

Finally, I would like to thank Patricia Morrison and Mary Campbell of Wood-head Publishing Limited for their patient reassuring support when deadlines approached.

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