Warp knitted laps

Loops are termed 'laps' in warp knitting because the warp guides lap their yarn around the needles in order to form the loop structure. The loops (overlaps) may be open or closed.

On the original warp frame (as on many present-day crochet machines), the needle bar was in a horizontal and not a vertical position, with its beards facing upwards (Fig. 5.2).To produce a needle loop it was thus necessary to swing the guide upwards and shog it over the needle hook; hence the term 'overlap' which refers both to the movement and the loop which it forms. Similarly, the guide was shogged under the needles to a new starting position for the next overlap. This movement and the lapped thread it produces is still termed an 'underlap'. In the warp knitting cycle, it is always understood that the overlap precedes the underlap.

Warp Knitting Lapping
Fig. 5.2 Overlapping and underlapping (warp knitting).

40 Knitting technology 5.4 The overlap

The overlap (Fig. 4.3) is a shog, usually across one needle hook, by a warp guide (at the back of a single needle bar machine) which forms the warp yarn into the head of a needle loop. Every needle on a conventional warp knitting machine must receive an overlapped loop from at least one guide at every knitting cycle, otherwise it will press-off the fabric.

The swinging movement of the guide to the hook side and the return swing after the overlap, produce the two side limbs of the loop which give a similar appearance on the face side of warp knitted fabric to a weft knitted needle loop.

Very rarely are overlap shogs across two needle hooks, as this produces severe tension on the warp yarn and knitting elements because the needles knock-over in unison and the needles are sharing yarns (unlike in single needle overlap warp knitted structures). Two needle overlaps also generally have a poor appearance and physical characteristics because the first overlap of the two will have a different configuration of underlap to that of the second. In the former, the underlap will be passing along the course to the second overlap in a similar manner to a sinker loop. However, the underlap from the second overlap will lap upwards to the next course in the manner of a normal underlap.

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