Warp knitted multiaxial weft insertion fabrics

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Multi-axial layered fabrics are structures fixed by a stitch system retaining the several parallel yarn layers (Fig. 30.3). The yarn layers may have different orientations, differing yarn densities of the individual layers, and may include fibre webs and fleeces, film tapes, foams, etc.

Due to the drawn and parallel yarn layers, multi-axial layered fabrics are particularly suitable for bonding by resinous or polymeric materials to produce fibre-polymer composites.

The Liba Copcentra tricot machine has a multi-axial, magazine weft-insertion. It has been developed to stitch bond composite fibre mats at high production rates. The feeding conveyor is approximately 15-metres long and is located at the back of the machine. Each creel-supplied yarn sheet layer is laid across or along the width of the conveyor at a specified angle. The continuous mat of yarn layers is conveyed

Warp Weft Sistem
Fig. 30.3 Principle of the LIBA multi-axial magazine weft insertion warp knitting machine. Up to 6 yarn layers and one fleece layer are possible [LIBA].

through the knitting machine where the compound needles, supplied with warp threads, stitch through and stabilise the structure.

The standard arrangement uses 5 weft-insertion systems of which 3 systems supply parallel weft and 2 systems supply diagonal weft. Each diagonal weft thread layer can be laid at any adjustable angle from 60-45 degrees (or 90-45 degrees on request). The density of each layer can be varied and is not dependent upon the gauge. Non-woven webs can be fed into the knitting zone above or below the yarn conveyor; two guide bars can be used for stitch forming. The machine has a working width up to 245 inches (622 cm) in a gauge range of E 6 to E 24, and has a production speed of 1200 courses per minute.

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