Yarn carrier arrangement

The yarn carriers are arranged to slide on both sides of double prismatic guiding bars and there are usually six or seven carriers operating on two or three double bars. When two carriers operate on the same track of the same bar, it is essential to arrange the sequence so that if the two carriers are deposited on the same side, the one nearest to the cam-carriage will be the one first required to traverse back in the opposite direction.

There are two methods of entraining carriers with cam systems on double system machines: uncrossed and crossed. With the uncrossed arrangement, the same yarn carriers operate with the same cam systems in both directions of traverse. This simplifies the control and is essential when two carriers are on the same track, but it causes problems with vertical yarn floats at the selvedges because the yarn with the leading cam system will finish the first course but will not knit the return traverse.

With the crossed arrangement, one yarn carrier will always be entrained with the leading cam system and the other with the trailing cam system, so that if the carriers have different coloured yarns, each will knit alternate courses.

In carrier positioning and traversing for jacquard (Fig. 18.4), the yarn carriers

Yarn Carrier Positioning
Fig. 18.4 Yarn carrier positioning.

must be carefully positioned initially in order to keep their number to a minimum whilst ensuring that empty traverses (without knitting a course) are avoided whenever possible, as they reduce productivity. By drawing a plan of traverses and colours, and indicating each time a new yarn is picked-up, the initial positions can soon be established. For double system knitting in two- or three-colour jacquard, each system will require as many carriers as there are colours, but two carriers of the same colour can use the same track. Only in the case of single-system two colour jacquard is it necessary to alter the sequence of coloured courses. This is because, after their first course, each colour is knitted at two consecutive courses.

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