Yarn feeding and loop formation

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In a weft knitting machine, even when the needles are fixed or are caused to act collectively, yarn feeding and loop formation will occur at each needle in succession across the needle bed during the same knitting cycle (Fig. 6.1). All, or a number of, the needles (A, B, C, D) are supplied in turn with the same weft yarn during the same knitting cycle so that the yarn path (in the form of a course length) will follow a course of the fabric passing through each needle loop knitted from it (E, F, G, H).

In a warp knitting machine there will be a simultaneous yarn-feeding and loop-forming action occurring at every needle in the needle bar during the same knitting cycle (Fig. 6.2). All needles (A, B, C, D) in the needle bar are simultaneously lapped

Barbie Knitting Machine
Fig. 6.1 Weft knitting.
Raschel Knitting Cycle
Fig. 6.2 Warp knitting.

by separate warp guides (E, F, G, H). As all needles receive their overlaps simultaneously, a guide underlapping from one needle to another will be passing from one knitting cycle or course to the next. Thus, the warp yarn passes from an overlap produced in one course to an overlap produced in the succeeding course (for example, guide F underlapping from needle B to needle A).

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