Back And Front Fabric

With A and straight needles, loosely cast on 67 sts Work in St st and follow chart, rep rows 1-28 of chart 3 times, rep rows 1-8 once more With A. bind off loosely.

STRAPS (make 2)

With MC and dp needles, cast on 11 sts, div ided sts over 3 needles Join and work in Si st (k every md) until piece measures l7"/43cm. Bind off loosely.


Wilh MC and stnught needles, cast on 39 sts. Wink even in St st until piece measures 28"/ 71cm, end wilh a WS row Bind ofl' loosely.



Weave in all yam endv Set washing machinc al lowest water level (enough to just cover pieces>. hottest temperature and highest agitation. Add pieces and small amount of liquid detergent. Begin washing. Check on pieces approx every 5 minutes until desired felling of fabric is achieved; the stitch definition should be almost unrecognizable. Remove pieces and rinse by hand in lukewarm water Roll pieces in towels to remove excels water. Dry flat.


  1. Save leftover scraps of felted fabric after pieces have been cut.
  2. All paltcrn pieces, except tab. include v,"' 1 .25cm scam allowance.

Top bindings

Tnm V 2cm off each side of felted MC fabric Each piece will have I curled edge (outside edge» of original knitted piece).

67 MS

Color Key

□ Black (MC) □ Cream (B) ■ Red (A) □ Green (C)

Front, back, gusset and tab

Enlarge paltcm pieces to actual m/c and cut out U»mg nurker. draw outline of pattern pieces for back and front onto felted plaid fabric, centering plaid design as shown m photo and being careful to match front and back plaids. Draw outline of pattern pieces for gusset and tab onto felted MC fabric With sewing machine or hand-stitching, place pieces RS tog and. sewing on the WS of wink, assemble purse as foil: Sew uncurled edge of top binding to top edge of front; rep for back. Sew gusset to bottom edges of front and back

With MC and yam needle, complete puree as foil

Fold curled edge of top binding to WS and sew in place on inside of hag. Embroider blanket Mitch around outside edge of tab Sew tab in position on back, positioning comers of tab as indicated on pattern piece, being sure that shaped edge of tab is pointing toward front of purse. Position end of one handle on lop horizontal olive green stripe and parallel to and outside of gold vertical stripe; sew in place. In same way, sew opposite end of same handle to same side of hag Insert each part of the magnetic fastener into a I" 2.5cm circle of matching felted fabric: attach male side of fastener to WS of tab and female side to corresponding position on RS of lop of purse

Tote with felted applique (lowers edged in blanket stitch. Shown on page 54


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