Knitted Measurements

  • Bust 3JVj (35V,. 37V:)785 (90.95) cm
  • Length 23', (24 .25 :)" 59 5 (62.65) cm
  • Upper arm 12 (13. 14)730.5 (33. 33.5) cm


  • In (18. 20) 88oz,25g balls (each approx 52yd 47m) of Skaccl Collections Alpaca-Lrggero (alpaca) in «11 hot pink
  • One pair each sizes 6 and 8 (4 and 5 mm) needles OK SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE
  • Size 6 (4mm) circular needle. 24" 60cm long
  • Stitch holders


16 sts and 20 rows 4" IOcm over Si st using larger needles TAKE TIMF. TO CHECK GAUGE.


With smaller needles cast on 67 (71. 75) sts. Row I (RS) P2. • kl. pl: rep from \ end kl. p2. Cont hi nb as established for 275cm. Change to larger needles.

Next nm(RS) to last 4 Next row (WS) K2.» k2. Rep these 2 row s (for side sin trim) until piece measures 5" 12.5cm from beg Discontinue the side slit 4 st inm at this point and cont with all sts in St st until piece measures 9 ." 24 cm from beg. Beg ribbed waistband Change lo smaller needles and work in kl. pl rib for 1 . " 4 cm. Change back lo larger needles and cont in St st for 4'. (5. 5'.)711.5 (12.5, 14) cm more.

Armholc shaping

Bind off 3 (4. 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Next (dec) roxx (RS) Kl. SKP. k to last 3 sis. k2tog. kl.

Rep dec row every other row 3 (3. 4) times more 53 (55. 57) sts Wink ex en until armholc measures 7 (7*. 8>7|7.5 (19. 20.5) cm Neck and shoulder shaping

Bind off 5 sts at beg of next 6 (4. 2) row s. 6 sts at beg of next 0 (2, 4) tows. SI rem 23 sts to a holder for back neck.


Work as for back until waistband rib is completed Change to Lirgw needles to cont working piece.

Separate for V-neck

Next row (RS) K 31 (33. 35). join a 2nd boll of yam and bind ofTccntcr 5 sts. k lo end. Working bodi »ides at once, work in St st for 4'j (5. 5V4)"; 11.5 (12.5. 14) cm above the waistband Armhole shaping

Work as for back armhole shaping 24 (25. 26) sts rem each side. Work ev en until armhole measures 5 (51;. 6)"/12.5 114. 15) cm. Neck shaping

From each next edge, bind off 4 sts once, then 2 sts twice and I st once—15 (16. 17) sts rem each side. When armhole measures same as hack, shape shoulder same as back.


With smaller nccdlo. cast on 36 (38.40) sts Work in kI. pi nb for 4" 10cm. Change to larger needles and cont in St st inc 1 st each side ex cry 10th (Xth. 8th I mw 6 (7.8) times -48 (52. 56) sts Work ex en until piece measures 18" 45.5cm from beg. Cap shaping

Hind olT3 (4.4) Us at beg of next 2 row*. 2 sts at beg of next 2 row v Dec I st each side every other row 5 (6. 7) iimcv every 4th row twice Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows Hind off rem 16(16. 18) sts.


Sew %houldcr scams.


With larger nccdlo. pick up and k 18 sts from shaped front neck. I st at shoulder seam. 23 sts from hack neck holder. I st at shoulder scam. 18

sts from shaped front neck 61 sts. Mark st at center back neck Work in St st inc I st each side of marked center back neck every 6th row 4 times 69 sts. Work even until hood measures 6 1/2"/16.5 cm from beg Separate for top of hood Next row (RS) K34. join a 2nd hull of yam and bind off I st. k lo an!. Working both sides at once, bind off 4 %ts 4 nines from each ccntcr hack hood edge (where the hood was separated)—18 sts rem on each siile. Using the 3-nccdlc bind-off method, join the 2 pieces log to form top of hood seam. Sew the bound-off sluped edge log to ckise rem of hood Ribbed hood trim

With smaller circular needle, beg at nght front opening above the waistband, pick up and k 80 sts to lop of hood scam, pick up 80 more sts to lower edge of left front. Work in k I. pi nb on 160 sts for 3 rows. Bind oft" in nb. Sew mm to the waistband, overlapping right side over left side. Sew side scams, leaving the 5" 12.5 cm side slits free. Sew sleeve scams. Set in sleeves. ❖

These wanncrs, knit in two-row stripes using a garter stitch chcvron pattern, can be used for amis or legs Shown in one sizes on page '>8.






Instruction» arc for arm warmers. Changes for leg warmers arc in parentheses. If there is only one number, it applies lo both items.

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