Take Time To Check Gauge Back

With smaller needles and A. cast on 92 (96. l( 104) sts. K 1 row. Ikg with a k row. work in Sli for 2':" 6 5cm Next (dc<) row (RS) K5. work to last 7 sts. k2tog. k5. Work 3 rows even Rr? ] last 4 rows 4 times more, work dec row more 80 (X4. 88. 92) sts. Work even until pieaj measures 8 (8^. 8%. 9)"/20.5 (21. 21.5. 23) from beg. end with a WS row Next (inc) row (RS) K3. Ml. wotk to last 3 sts. Ml. k3. Work 5 nm) even. Rep las! 6 rows 4 limes more, work inc ru* once more 92 (96. 100. 104) sts. Work even unci piece measures 13». (I41,. I4*n. l5>"/35 (36. 37, 38Km from beg. end with a WS row Armholo shaping Bind off 6 (6. 7. 7) sts at beg of next 2 rows, dec I st each side every other row 8 (9.9. 10) time»— 64 ( 66. 68. 70) sts. Work even until armhole measures 7'« (X1,. 9)"/l9.5 (21. 22. 23Km. end with a WS row. Shoulder shaping

Bind off 8 (9. 9. 10) sis al beg of next 2 rows. 9 (9. 10. 10) sts at beg of next 2 row s. Bind off rem 30 sts for back neck.


With smaller needles and A. cast on 56 (60. 64. 6X) sis. Work as for back, work side and armhole shaping at side edge as for hack. AT SAME TIME, when piece measures IO'i (10'«. II, ll'.)"/26 (27. 28. 28.5km shape ncck as foil:

Dec I st at neck edge every other row 25 (27. 29. 31) times 17 (18. 19. 20) »ts. Work until piece measures same as back to shoulder. Shape shoulder as for back.


Work as for left front, reversing all shaping. SLEEVES

With larger needles and B. cast on 34 <38. 42. 46) a* Work in k2. p2 rib for 2" 5cm. Change to mullcr needles. Cont hi rib until piece measures Jv;".'l4cm from beg. end with a WS row Change vi A. Work in St si for 2 rows Next fine) row (RS) K3. Ml. work to last 3 Ms. Ml. k3. Rep inc row every 8th row 10 times more 56 (60. 64. 68) sts Work even until piece measures 18 (18. 18':. M)* 45.5 (>cm from beg



20': (21V:. 22 ..23 r 17 I (IS :. !*>• :. 20 r 20 . (21*>.22' «.23)T

12 . (IV

:. 14'..





12 :(I .V






Cap shaping

Hind off 6 (6. 7. 7) sts at beg of next 2 row s. dec I st each side of next row. then every 4th row 2 (4. 4. 6) times more, every other row 9 (8. 9. 8) times. Hind oil'3 sts at beg of next 2 rows Hind off rem 14(16. 16. 18) sts.


Block pieces to measurements. Sew shoulder scams.

Front edges

With smaller needles and H. pick up and k46 (46. 50.50) sts evenly along front edge to neck shaping. Work in k2. p2 rib for 3 rows Bind off in nb. Collar

With larger circular needle and B. cast on 242 sts Ik» not join. work back and forth on circular needle. Establish rib

Row I (\\ S) P2, *k2. p2; rep from * to end. Cont in nb. bind off 4 sts at beg of next 14 rows 186 sts. Change to smaller circular needle. Hind off 4 sts at beg of next 15 rows 126 sts. Next row (WS) Bind off 4 sts. pi st. *k2tog. p2; rep from * to last st. pi- 92 sts. Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 20 row s. Hind off rem 32 sts in nb. Set in sleeves Sew side and sleeve scams Sew bound-off edge of collar to neck edge. Cut suede strip in half. Sew one half to right front at beg of neck shaping and the other half to left front. 4" 10cm in from front edge. <■

kmillloidkk kihiloves

Opera-length gloves with contrasting color picot cuffs and embroidered lloral motifs. Si/cd for Small Medium, l arge X-l.argC and shown in si/c Small'Medium on page 66.

md and si marker every md k 5 mk ftcv< md KI. *yi\ k2iog; rcp tnwn * anund t'irt in St st 5 md* more. I hmge to A. Cone m St si. dec I m at end of even fth (1 Oth) md (last 2 «s tvforc marker»9 (7) time* 48 (54) stv RatMnhitc Mscsvnl>'over 3 needles l6(l8)»tson cadt needle. W«k even until piece manures 7"/18cm from picot rml. or desired length lo base of dumb. Thumb gore

Rnd 4 k26 (29). pi. Ml. k3. Ml. pi. k to end— 52 (58) sts. Cont in this way to inc 2 sts every 3rd rnd by Ml inc after first pi and before 2nd pi. until there arc a total of 62 (68) sts k 3 mds. Next rnd k27 (30). si next 15 sts to contra« yam strand and cast on 3 sts for inside edge of thumb, k to end—50 ( 56) sts. Work even for I1." 4.5cm more, or desired length to base of fingers. Index finger k 15 (18) sts and si to contrast yam strand, k 14 (16). cast on 2 sts for inner edge «if finger and si rem 21 (22) stv to other end of same yam strand. Join and work ill mds on 16 (18) stv redistributing sts on 3 needles, until finger measures 3"/7.5cm OR .5cm less than desired length Dee rnd [k2togJ 8(9j) times Mil k I md Dec rod |kl. k2tog| 2 (3) times. k2 (0) 6 sts. last mtJ |k2tog) 3 timev Cut yam and draw through rem sts to close. Middle finger

51 5 (6) sts from back of hand to dpn, k these sts then pick up and k 2 sts at base of index finger. k7


  • 3 I .0/;508 balls (each approx 176yd 160m) of Lana Gros-sa Unicom Hooks and Crafts Cool Hi**/ .'/MM (wool) in «433 black (A)
  • I hall in #481 celery (H)
  • Small amounts #466 It blue. 1*437 tin. »482 rose. «»483 plum and «439 purple
  • One set (4) dpn si/c 3 (3.25mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE
  • Tapestry needle


26 sts and 34 mds 4"/10cm over St st using si/c



With H. cast on 57 (61) sis. Divide sts evenly onto 3 needles—19 (20) sts on 2 ncttDes. 19 (21) sts on I needle Join, taking ore is* to tw*4 sts iwi needks Mark end of

Long & ^shorytitcb


(8) iii front palm of hand, cast on 2 sts nt end— 16 (IX) Ms. Complete a» for index linger, working until finger measures 3 . " 9cm. Ring finger

Work as for middle finger, working until finger measures 31t"/8.5cm. Little finger

SI 6 sis from bock of hand to dpn, k these sts then pick up and k 2 sts at base of nng finger, k rem 6 sts 14

sts. Work until finger measures 2'6.5cm.

Dec rnd [K2log] 7 times K I md

Dec rnd [K2tog] 3 times, kI—4 sts. Cut yam and draw through rem sts to close.


Place 15 sts of thumb onto 2 needles. Rnd I KI5. with 3rd needle, pick up .md k 3 sLs at base of thumb—IX sts. Coot in mds until thumb measures 2' 7cm Complete as for larger si/e of index finger Left glovo

Work as for nght glove to thumb gore. Rnd I KI9 (22). kl. Ml. kl. Ml. pi. k to end. C'ont as for right glove to index finger. Index finger

K21 < 221 and si to contrast yam strand, k 16. cast on 2 sis for inner edge of finger, si rem 15 (IX) sts to otlxrr end of same yum strand. Complete as for right gkivc.


»lock gloves lightly. Fold picot hem to WS and sew in place Embroider motifs on front of hand foil diagram. •>


full-length skin is multi colored hexagon shapes that are worked in the modular knitting method Sized in one si/c and shown on page 67.

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