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  1. When working chart pat, carry; yam loosely at back of work to prevent puckering of fahnc when changing colors.
  2. Use straight needles until there arc too many »1» to fit comfortably on needle, then change to circular needle.


11 rofflgggag


Color Key

  • Navy (A) X Orange (C) O Beige (E) 0 Black (G) □ Moss (I)
  • Red (B) El Gold (0) □ Pink (F) BB Turquoise (H) 8 Green (J)

J) Chart iVprCH'iH* center 58 sts only. ootU lo cat-

tcr pal bands while increasing foil instructions. Short row wrapping (wrap and turn • w&t) Knit side

  1. Wytb, si next st purlwisc.
  2. Move yam between the needles to the front
  3. SI the same »t hack to LH needle. Turn work, bring yam to the p side between needles One st is wrapped When shon rows are completed, work lo just before wrapped st, insert Rll needle under tl»c wrap and knitwisc into the wrapped st. k them tog.

Purl side

  1. Wyif. si next st purlwisc.
  2. Move yam between the needle» lo the luck of work.
  3. SI sane st bock to I II needle. Turn work, bnng yam hack to tlie p side between the needles. ()nc st is wrapped When slum rows are awnplclcd. w»*k to just before wrapped st. insert Rll needle from belund into die back lp of ilie wr.»p ami pine on 1.11 needle; I' wrap log with st on needle.


I leg at lower edge w nh B. east on 5X sts. Beg w ith row I of chart, cont to loll chart with shaping AT SAMF I IMF as loll: work I row of chart, then east on 4 st» at beg of next IX rows. 2 sts at beg of next 38 rows. I si al beg of next 30 rows—236 sts. Cont lo foil chart, working even without shaping. through row 95. Top shaping

Rim % With (i. pft2, (p2tog) 5ft times. pft2. Beg short rows

Cont to foil chart, working rem short rows each side in 3rd color band (colors F. J & E) as foil:

Next rim (RS) Work ft2 sts. wrap & lum (w&t).

Next row Purl lo end

Next row Purl to end

Next rim Purl to end

BjM Pattern Color Key

3 Orange (C) 51 Beige (E) H Gold (D) 0 Black (G) 8 Green (J)

Next (»hurt) row (ICS) Work 2ft sts. w&t. work 2 sts. bind off 4 sts using I-row buttonhole method, work until there are 2ft »ts on Rll needle, w&t. Next row Purl to end.

Next row (RS) K62. closing up holes. Cut yam Rejoin J to work the last 62 sts in short-row shaping and work shaping in reverse through end of chart. All sts on needle are now in (black) G and next row should be a WS or purl row. Work band pattern

Beg with row 2 of band pat chart, work hand pal on the 180 sts. AT SAME TIME, inc 1 st each end of every row through tow 14. Next row (RS) With (i. purl (for turning ridge). With single color as desired, work 13 row» in St st I for facing) AT SAME TIME, dec I st each end of every row. Bind off.


Block to measurements. Lower edgo

To work around the shaped lower edge of cape, with G. pick up and k 282 sts evenly around the entire shaped edge of cape. Work band pat foil chart as for top edge Fold edges to WS ami sew in place. Sew on button Remforec buttonhole using buttonhole st. if desired.

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